Sweetwater Organic Farm

   As promised my friends, I have made some time to explore and found a hidden gem. The words ‘city’ and ‘farm’ seem like mutually exclusive terms but in today’s changing world they are merging in a way that benefits us all. Nestled in the heart of Town and Country is a fantastic little farm dedicated to bringing our community access to freshly grown organic produce. Sweetwater farm is a community supported urban organic farm and environmental education center. On Sunday’s in the fall they have a fantastic farmer’s market with lots of  local vendors offering an array of natural products. You can find anything from vegan burgers to handmade clothing. If sweets are more of your thing they have vendors to help with your sweet tooth. 

   We couldn’t resist trying some sweets from Be 4 Giving Bake House.  Not only are the baked good delicious but they donate part of their profits to local charities. I love a company with a conscious. 

The chocolate chip cookies are insane! Loved them.

 As we walked through we bumped into a sweet lady who was selling fresh eggs and soaps. Goat’s milk soap is great for my super dry skin. The Dancing Goat is definitely worth checking out.

Who doesn’t love a a great body scrub. Minnie me insisted on testing it out.

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