link Road to Gasparilla 5K

Sweat was pouring down my forehead, the sun was low enough to not blind me but bright enough to see the pavement beneath my hot pink sneakers and the breeze… man the breeze was softly kissing my skin. It was perfect running weather in Tampa. I noticed I was getting out of breath and my heart was pounding. I stopped to catch my breath thinking that I must have gone at least a mile or two. 1 mile my friends. I had gone a measly 1 mile. Surely my fitness tracker was wrong. There was no way I could be this out of breath after just 1 mile. Well it wasn’t, I had simply become extremely deconditioned. This was definitely not how I planned on starting my path towards the Gasparilla 5k. While the cons of this first run where quite apparent I decided to focus on the positives.

  • I got out there
  • I didn’t quit
  • My bad knee did not hurt
  • I can’t wait to get back out there

How are your fitness goals going? How do you keep yourself motivated?

Isn’t this a breathatking sunset! 

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