Gluten Free 

My love affair with bread has always been amazing. I loved it and it loved me back. We spent many nights together enjoying each other’s company. They say nothing lasts forever right? Like a lot of romances that start at a young age my love of bread ended tragically. I’ve always considered myself a pretty healthy eater. 80% of the time I ate great and the other 20% I indulge a bit. I even gave up white bread years ago and swapped it out for good old wheat bread. Trust me it is not easy giving up a great piece of toasted Cuban bread and butter and eating wheat toast instead. But I did it because my health is worth it right?

About a year ago I started having awful reactions to things I’ve never had an issue with. From alcohol to my lipsticks! My breathing also took a turn for the worse. I went from taking an occasional allergy medication to being on two inhalers and 3 pills a day. Yet nothing seemed to make me feel better. I developed severely painful gas and bloating. Then came the nausea, vomiting and fatigue. I was a hot mess my friends. The breathing slowly improved with the change of seasons but the GI issues got worse. A friend suggested that I try a gluten free diet for a few weeks to give my stomach a break. I was extremely skeptical. I had eaten bread all of my life how could it be making me sick! Well after just two weeks I saw an improvement! Like a lot of people I had developed a gluten sensitivity.  Have you ever had to give up a food you loved because it made you feel terrible? How did you cope with the change and fought off the cravings?

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