Unicorn Shake


The unicorn Frappacinogeddon of 2017 left me with a cranky teenager and a curious 6 year old. Let me start by saying that I was not boycotting Starbucks, I am a white mocha gal, I just didn’t have the time. Well my friends, the mommy guilt set in and I was left no choice but to try to make them something similar but with a healthier spin of course. Enjoy!  



3 cups of plain or vanilla greek yogurt ( I prefer plain)

2 cups of unsweetened vanilla almond milk 

1 cup of diced ripe mangos 

1 cup of blueberries

1 cup of  strawberries

2 teaspoons of vanilla extract

3 tablespoons of raw local honey ( I did put an extra tablespoon in the one  for the teenager)

4 Ice cubes

1 teaspoon of chia seeds

  In blender combine yogurt, milk, vanilla and honey. Pour 2/3 of mix into separate container.

Blend remaining 1/3 with mangos and pour into desired containers.

Rinse blender and add 1/2 of mix that was set aside blueberries and 2 ice cubes. blend well and pour over mango mix.

Rinse blender and repeat above steps with strawberries. 

Garnish with a mango slice and chia seeds. Enjoy!

Feel free to tweak or add different fruit to your liking.






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