What’s In My Arsenal: Post Workout Skin Care 

Working out inevitably comes along with plenty of sweat. For a mom on the run hoping in the shower immediately after working out may not always be an option. I usually plan my gym time around the 534647 errands I have to run daily. So how do you prevent breakouts and other skin issues from a sweaty workout? Here is what’s in my arsenal.

1. I always start with washing my hands. There are so many germs floating around a gym and trust me you do not want them.

2.I use Garnier Skin Active cleansing towelettes to remove excess dirt and oil from my face.

3. I follow it up with a mist of Mario Badescu Rose water facial spray ( Trust me this should be part of everyone’s skin care regimen)

4.To finish it off I used Clinique’s Moisture surge facial moisturizer.

My face is left clean and with an amazing glow. I try to make it home as soon as possible to hop in the shower but with this routine I prevent my acne prone skin from falling apart!


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