Earth Tower Planter

So it is no secret that I am extremely fascinated with growing as many of my own herbs as possible. I was lucky enough to receive an Earth Tower Vertical Garden for mother’s day. What’s an earth tower? If you have herbs growing on your kitchen window sill just imagine that x1000. My tower is 4ft x 4ft and made from a gorgeous cedar wood. I was lucky enough to have had someone put mine together and it took him approximately 30 minutes.                                                IMG_3722

Filling my tower was definitely a family affair. I enlisted the assistance of my favorite little helpers and went to town. It was very messy. I recommend using a drop cloth underneath or filling it outside.


It took 4 bags of 25 quart potting mix to fill and two people ( In my case 1 adult and two dirt loving kids) to do the job. Once done it gave me 46 feet of planting space in a 2×2 space. I call that a win!


Planting the seeds was quick and easy. It took us about 30 minutes to completely fill it with plants and seeds. Watering the planter is quick and easy. The top comes off easily to reveal a water reservoir. Simply fill daily.



I found it to be helpful to gently mist the exterior dirt as well. I strongly recommend watching the video on the manufacturer’s page before starting this project.



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