Frozen Yogurt Pops

As much as I love Florida and really can’t envision myself living anywhere else our summers are almost unbearable. Think hot sauna meets the rainforest. I find myself often scrambling for ways to keep the kids cool without giving them a crazy sugar high….. They can hear the sound of the ice cream truck in their sleep and 10 miles away! My youngest absolutely loves plain Greek yogurt( Not sure how that happened) and she loves ice cream so what’s better than combining the two! Here’s my favorite Recipe for frozen yogurt pops! Enjoy.

Simple and only requires 4 ingredients!


2 Cups plain Greek yogurt 

1  Cup fresh strawberries 

3 Tablespoons of raw local honey 

2 Teaspoons vanilla extract 


Combine all ingredients in food processor. Blend for about 3-4 minutes.Pour ingredients into ice cream mold.


I have terrible pouring skills so I decided to pour mix into a plastic sandwich bag and pour it from there.

Hack for my clumsiness

Freeze for 3-4 hours and enjoy!!

Kid approved!

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