Getting Savage

We have all heard about mud runs by now. We seem to be fascinated with rolling around in mud and climbing over things in a cave man like fashion lately. I couldn’t figure out what the big deal was and then a friend invited me to join her Savage Race team. NO, I didn’t jump at the opportunity because well…. It looked terrifying and I value this thing called life. I work out a lot. I push my chest out, suck my belly In and walk into the gym like I own the place and I tend to be quite adventurous but I’ve never tested my body ( and boy was this a test). This however involved facing my two biggest fears! Heights and drowning ( I can’t swim). So what exactly is a mud run you ask? It is an obstacle race centered around obstacles involving mud and water. In this blog I will review the Savage race. I participated in spring 2015 and spring 2016.

The Savage Race ( Dade City) is located at the picturesque Little Everglades Ranch.

Clear blue skies set the scene for a great day

The Savage Race is 6-7 miles and contains 25 obstacles that are sure to test your body and mind (List of obstacles).

They range from simple things like crawling under barbed wire in the “Me So Thorny” obstacle to diving under muddy water in “Thor’s Grundle”. I suggest you keep your mouth closed during this one. They get a little more intense with “Davy Jones Locker” which is a 15ft dive into 15ft deep muddy water! There is also “Colossus” which is a 43 foot climb up a quarter pipe ramp with a water slide on the other side. Ladies and gentlemen this is not your average water slide! ( see picture above and zoom in on the fear on my face!).

Remember my fear of heights and drowning?

What I loved most about the Savage Race was definitely the spirit of teamwork. The no man left behind rule was definitely in full effect. Strangers helping strangers made it possible for many of us to conquer many of the obstacles. 

What a rush!

The race concluded with a celebratory beer and party by the stage. The adrenaline rush and sense of accomplishment completely overshadowed the exhaustion we felt. If you haven’t had a chance to do a Savage Race I recommend you do! 



Here is my rating of the Savage Race 1-10 (10=great)

Difficulty   8

Length       8

Price           9

Safety         9

Energy/Vibe 10

Beginner Friendly  6


To register for a race near you check out their website

Find a race near you


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  1. my friend just asked me to join a similar one called warrior dash. I’ve never done anything like it. This one is 3+ miles and 12 obstacles …still. Hopefully, I actually do it 🙂 Congrats on your savage race!

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