Flexin’ Friday

Friday is upon us once again my friends. Time to get out there and sweat! Don’t let this rain keep you from flexing those muscles. To work out you need two things…. Yourself and the desire for change. Working out from home can be as easy putting in your favorite workout in you DVD player, Loading a video from YouTube or improvising (create your own). Push-ups, Squats ( Every variation), Lunges, Burpees, Sit-ups, Mountain climbers and many more can be done with no Equipment. Here’s a list of my favorite body weight exercises. ( Most of the these work your whole body, Winning!!)

Body weight walking squat with resistance band
Lower Body

Burpees, Calf Raise, Bodyweight Deadlift, Jumping Jacks, Body weight walk, Squats, Lunges


Crunches, Bridge, Plank, Scissor Kicks, Toe Touches, Heel Touch, Butt, ups,

Upper Body

Push-Ups, Plank, Supermans







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