My Little Secret 

As many of you with children have found out the journey to healthy habits can be tough for the little ones. They are constantly bombarded with images of sweet and ” Yummy” things on television. You cannot walk down the isle of a supermarket without a sugar filled snack that’s being marketed as good for them. I would love to say that I have perfect kids that eat everything and anything I cook but I would be lying. So I do what any parent would do… I trick them. Yes I absolutely hide all sorts of good things in their food. My biggest battle and one that I’m not sure in winning is the ” You have to eat whatever I cook and that’s it” battle. Instead of forcing them to eat things I look for ways to make it kid friendly. I took my dinner ( turkey, spinach, hemp seed, quinoa, flax seed feta patties) and turned it into a delicious kid friendly quesadilla simply by adding mozzarella cheese! The key to keeping our kids healthy isn’t to force them to eat food that they don’t like its to find ways to make meals seem fun to them…. And then hide as much good stuff as you can in it!

My hidden gems:

•Spinach in all shakes

•Turmeric in all meats and shakes. Kids will love that their shake is orange and it won’t affect the taste

• Hemp seed in rice

•Flax seed (Ground) in all food

•Chia seeds in my shakes and sprinkled on yogurt


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