Beach Trip Tips

 So It is officially spring break and while most kids are ecstatic about being able to stay up late, sleep in until 12 and laying around ( yes parents feel free to cringe) my kids are excited about our trips to the beach! As a self proclaimed professional beach bum I have come to the conclusion that no beach trip is complete without snacks! Humor me a bit and travel back in time with me. The year is 1998 and I sit at the kitchen table watching  my mother pack endless bags of potato chips, soda and even a big pot of spaghetti and bread ( no I’m not kidding) for our day trip to the beach. The process was tedious and way too complicated. Fast forward to 2016… My beach trips are a little simpler nowadays, I like to pack healthy and easy to eat snacks and plenty of water. I keep it simple and easy to carry. What’s in my beach bag ( My awesomely cute beach bag).

Nuts *Any kind will do. The protein will help them stay fuller longer

Fruits * I prefer to take berries, mandarins and watermelons ( Fruits with a high water content will help keep the little ones hydrated ( Be prepared for the potty breaks)


Peanut Butter and Jam sandwiches* what kid doesn’t like a PB&J. Cut them into bite size pieces so they are just enough to keep them full until you get home but not so full that they won’t eat when they get home.

Water *Yup A lot of water. When my girls start playing in the sun they always forget to hydrate. I put their water in their individual tumblers and they seem to drink more than when I give them a water bottle. 


 I hope your beach trips this summer are fun and simple!


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