Jem’s Natural Living Review


  Nestled in the heart of Citrus Park lies a hidden gem of health and nutritional products. I often drive down Sheldon Rd on my way to the Citrus Park mall with horse blinders on but on this particular day I decided to make a quick pit stop for lunch. My food options in the mall would be limited to greasy fast food so eating before getting there would limit the temptation (Hey, this fit mom has a voracious appetite when it comes to sweets) I saw a sign that read “Café Jem’s” and decided that with all the fast food around this would be the best of my options. I had already made up my mind to run out if I didn’t like the food options or at best ask for a coffee and politely take it to go…. Boy was I in for a surprise.


 Upon walking in the first thing you notice is the fantastic décor. The music notes above the register sang to my heart.


Vinyl discs hung along the walls and transported me to a time when music was truly pure and untainted by the auto tune generation we live in.

Modern seating areas with games on them brought me back to reality without taking away form the time travel machine that I encountered on the walls.

Eat in or take out!


The rumbling in my stomach reminded me of the task at hand (getting lunch) and I proceeded to the counter. A very sweet woman told me all of the specials of the day and I decided to play it safe and have the Holy Turbacon Moly.

Make it your way options!

And holy moly was it amazing. Best part? It came in a wheat wrap and I didn’t even have to ask for it. It is a turkey bacon club wrap with guacamole, pressed and served with the fruit of the day/potato salad/ coleslaw or quinoa salad. I chose the fruit and loved it.

It also came with a drink, I chose their homemade lemonade sweetened with raw local honey.


I also had Lucky Leprechaun smoothie. It was made out of pineapples, mangoes, kale, mint, spinach, coconut milk and raw honey! I was bracing for a tart beverage and instead got a refreshing, tasty and good for me drink!

Luck of the Irish?


Did I mention that all of their ingredients are fresh and organic. 

As I sat eating I glanced at their other drink options (written in chalk behind the register and my little heart skipped a beat!


I’ll take the kitchen sink!


As a novice to the health and nutrition revolution I loved everything about this menu. The food and products carried in this café are not only delicious and organic but also Eco-Conscious, Socially responsible and cruelty free. Using real ingredients to make delicious and nutritional meals at affordable prices is just what the doctor ordered for Tampa Bay!

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Restaurant Rating

(Zero being the lowest, ten being the highest)
Quality of Food: 10
Healthy Food Selection: 10
Kid Friendly Options: 10
Cleanliness: 10
Friendliness: Experience: 10
Parking: 10
Value: 9 (I wish the wraps were a bit bigger for the price)
Location: 9
Overall Rating: 9

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