Giveaway! Four Tickets to the Escape Countdown Tampa and Sarasota

Saves Lives Will Travel

Tampa and Sarasota have yet another fun and entertaining way to spend an evening! Just opened Escape Countdown is an interactive escape room where groups of two or more must work together to figure out all the clues. And I have four tickets to give away!

The Escape Countdown has two different scenarios to choose from. In one adventure, you fall down the rabbit hole and need to figure out a string of clues to find the way back out. Aptly named the Mad Hatter Escape, you have 60 minutes to find the clues and figure out the riddles that will open the door to return home.

065NBa8LNSwXwzWjO9Zi151210-cropped-520x300The Mad Hatter.

The other option is the Jail Break. Your group has been arrested for trying to steal a national treasure and you have 60 minutes to figure out how to escape from jail while the deputy isn’t watching.

Jailbreak 4

The Escape Countdown…

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