To shop or not to shop

So this past holiday season I may have gone a little over board on Black Friday.No I didn’t spends hours going from store to store hunting down the perfect gift for everyone on my list. My inner narcissist decided it needed more workout clothes. I know what you are thinking….Did I really need it? Absolutely not ( you don’t need anything but yourself to get a good workout). I received 4 shipments and among them there was a pair of blue sweatpants. I was livid! I didn’t even remember ordering them and what in the world was I going to do with sweatpants in Florida? All we need to sweat here is to step outside. Well Mother Nature has smiled upon this Zumba lover and given us two fabulous winter days!!! Have you ever made an illogical purchase due to your love of a hobbie? Have you found a good use for it? 

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