But First Let Me Get My Mace

 My workout schedule changes as much as my mood does ( Hey, It’s my prerogative right?). It revolves around my kids, work, family and even my dates. While having a routine is ideal when attempting to maintain consistency in my workouts it is just not always possible. I often find myself in the gym during odd hours. Working out anytime from 11pm- 5 am is very common for me. I don’t mind it one bit. I love having a gym all to myself  (occasionally I run across fellow night owls) and being able to try new things without peeping eyes. I will be the first to say that I am obviously an easy target for the crazies of the world so I take a few precautions to protect myself!

•Park in well lit areas

• Never walk out with music blasting in your ears, It is very distracting and you will not be able to hear anyone coming up behind you

•Be aware of your surroundings

•Ask an employee to watch you as you walk to your vehicle 

• Wear brightly colored clothing 

•Use your keys as a weapon! Yes I’m serious. Place each key in between each your knuckles and be ready to hit and run!


Always make sure that you let someone know  where you are and stay safe my friends!

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