Just Breathe

Yoga has taught me many things. How to be present and be ok with it ( not as easy as it sounds), How to respect and honor my body, after all we only get one right. It has also taught me to breathe in and exhale out all negativity. The breath is the link between the conscious and unconscious mind so take the time to connect to your breath.

Sama Vritti- Equal breathing

  • Silence all distractions ( cell phones, televisions,ect)
  • Find a quiet and comfortable to sit in lotus pose
  • Breathe in slowly and count to 8 ( try 6 if 8 is not achievable yet)
  • Breathe out for 8 counts.
  • Repeat for 10 minutes

This breathing exercise will help you relax, become more aware of yourself and the world around you. The best part is it can be done at anytime to help you refocus. Try It!!!


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