Grapefruit Juice

   It is that time of the year again! ( and I do not mean christmas). It is time for the sniffles, runny noses, coughing, fever, sneezing feeling worn out and missing school time of the year….AKA FLU season! Yuck!  With the kids back in school I take every opportunity to feed them things that will boost their immune system. Perhaps the most common way to do so is by consuming plenty of good old vitamin C! Grapefruits not only contain vitamin C but also  fiber, biotin and vitamin B1. My girls and I love a refreshing glass on mint grapefruit juice. I take my grapefruit freshly squeezed and with nothing added!  Just in case that isn’t your cup of tea check out the recipe below and bottoms up! 



 3 cups  freshly squeezed grapefruit juice

1 cup water

2 mottled peppermint leaves ( or 2 drops peppermint extract)

1 tablespoon raw local honey ( will help with allergies)

Combine ingredients in pitcher, add ice  and enjoy! 



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