Chicken and Quinoa Soup

When minnie me asked for soup this morning I was shocked. She is normally a great eater but her requests usually include a little more sugar. Immediately I touched her forehead to make sure she wasn’t sick ( hey my mommy thermometer is very very accurate). Here is Bella’s favorite rainy day Soup!!

Chicken Quinoa soup

1 Cup Quinoa

2 Chicken breast ( you can use one, I just love chicken)

4 Tablespoons of Sofrito ( preferably homemade)

2 Celery stalks (Chopped)

2 carrot sticks ( chopped)

2 Tablespoon chives

1 Tablespoon turmeric

3 cups of water

2 cups homemade chicken stock/ broth ( If none is available use any low sodium broth ( progresso makes a great one)

1 piece of culantro (finely chopped)

Fresh oregano (finely chopped)

Noodles (optional)

*Bring water,chicken broth and sofrito to boil  in medium saucepan.

*Add chicken breast ( chopped) and cover. Allow to boil for approximately 10-15 minutes.

*Add salt, pepper, turmeric, carrots, culantro (Not cilantro), fresh oregano ( check out link above), chives  and celery.

*Add quinoa

Boil over medium high heat for additional 30 minutes stirring occasionally.


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