Transformation Motivation

  For me the battle doesn’t begin when I pick up a weight, It doesn’t begin when I take that first salsa step in zumba and it doesn’t begin when I lace up my nikes before a run. My battle begins when I first tell myself it’s time to go workout. Most people would assume that because I workout 4-6 days a week I must always be motivated. Nope.Not at all. I get into fitness funks too and no I am not referring to the smells that occur when we sweat like pigs ( pigs don’t really sweat that much btw. While they do have sweat glands they aren’t very many. Not exactly great for thermal regulation) how do I get out of my funk?

•Focus on your goal 

Want to loose weight, gain muscle, Tone up? Every time you think about skipping a workout think about your goal. Are you going to achieve it if you are sitting on the couch? 

• “Play that funky music”

Blast your favorite music and Dance like nobody is watching!!

• Be social !!

As in social media!! Browse through your favorite fitness accounts ( aka mine) and search for FITspiration. They didn’t crush their fit goals by skipping workouts. 

•Set alarms

Yes, no one wants to wake up to a loud noise and drag themselves out of bed. The goal is to get used to doing it consistently. Make a routine. It doesn’t have to be at 4am. It can be at whatever time it’s convenient for you to workout. 

• Buddy up!! 

    Find yourself a workout buddy.You don’t have to workout together. You can simply make it a point to keep track of each other’s progress. If you don’t have anyone who’s interest in the buddy position find a fitness coach. Join online support groups. My friends and my own coach keep me focused and inspired. 

•Reward yourself!! 
  Yes I said it. Treat yourself to a new workout outfit. Go buy a new pair of running shoes. Show off that new figure you are working hard to attain!!

 Don’t beat yourself up over a missed workout day or two. It happens to all of us and it is ok!!! The important thing is to realize that it’s not acceptable to continue to skip workouts if you want to achieve your goals. Be a goal crusher. How bad do you want it?  
     My inspirations:


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