Hello Sandra D, It’s a pleasure to meet you.

“Be yourself; everyone is already taken” ~Oscar Wilde

We spend a vast majority of our lives getting to know people. If I had a penny for every time I’ve said Hello, Good Morning, Buenos Dias, How are you?, how’s life? I would probably be able to travel the world multiple times. As a self pronounced date-a-holic I have definitely vested a lot of time getting to know other people. Not to say that getting to know other is a bad thing but how much time have you spent getting to know yourself. We all seem to lead such chaotic lives. I constantly find myself being pulled in 50 different directions at the same time. Finding a place to sit alone with my thoughts was essential in learning to center myself and quiet my mind. Finding activities that I enjoy and could do on my own has pretty much saved me from having a mental break down. What place brings you the most peace? Have you had the pleasure of enjoying your own company lately? I’ll show you mine if you show me yours 😉


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