IMG_4884    There he was…. my best friend and worst enemy.My shoulder to cry on and the tissue I often needed. I knew deep down I shouldn’t go back to him but what would one more time hurt right? After all something that felt so good couldn’t be completely bad. so i did it, I ate one and then another and before I could stop myself I had eaten a whole box of swiss rolls. Not one pack or two or three, I ate 12. I knew it was wrong but gosh did it feel good. I had been on my journey to regain my health for about 8 months now. Searching the world wide web for every all natural remedy for ailments I have and others I will probably never encounter. I was on top of the world. My routine included zumba, running, weight lifting, yoga and pretty much anything that would help me keep away my migraines and constant lack of energy. It was working fabulously until life decided to sucker punch me. Stress got the best of me and I succumbed to my love of sweets and felt like I failed myself. A box of swiss rolls was soon followed by daily trips to get donuts and before you know it they were back. crippling headaches that made it hard to function. When you have kids, work and school to balance it is very important to be able to function. Moral of the story kids is that we all fall down, old habits truly do die hard but we must never give up on ourselves. I had to relapse to remind me that im only human ( great Christina Perri song ). My name is Sandra D and this is my journey back to a healthy body, mind and spirit.

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