SUGAR…the original legal high

little changes to life changing

Most of us are dealing with a drug addiction and this drug is killing us slowly, what is this drug? SUGAR!

Most adults and children eat way too much sugar in cakes, biscuits, fizzy drinks and sweets than is good for them.  However most of us know that the above are bad for us…so why do we continue to poison our bodies with the beautiful white substance? Because its so blimmin addictive.

I’ve joined a Slimming World group (more on Slimming World in future blogs!) to find out about people who are actively trying to lose weight and what their struggles are.  Just from observing the group and listening to how their week has been on the Slimming World plan I would say that 99% of people who have maintained, put on weight or lost weight have struggled without sugar…or it has been the reason for their maintain or gain!

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