Visual Stimulation

It’s been proven time and time again that humans are visual creatures. If it is visually appealing chances are we are going for it, Whether it’s a pretty bag, new shoes or shiny new jewelry. Have you ever considered doing the same with food? Advertisers for fast food companies have used many visual tricks to make food more appealing to consumers so why can’t we do the same with healthy foods!!!! Here are some tricks to make your meals be a visual orgasm!

• Make it colorful!

Use contrasting colors. A plate with mashed potatoes, chicken breast and squash is very boring to our eyes.

•Play with textures.

You want to stimulate as many senses as possible with every bite! Instead of potatoes try a grain. Quinoa, couscous or wheat burger will stimulate your tongue.

•Presentation counts!
Use simple garnishes (Wrap your asparagus in turkey bacon). Never underestimate the power of plating. Make your plate attractive, even if it’s just for you. Throwing your food into a plate is not appealing.


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