Tummy Fixer: Oregano

IMG_6293 Every mothers worst fear is getting that call that your child is sick. My life revolves around sick people but its a completely different feeling when its your little one. Bella recently picked up some bug. She had spent the weekend at theme park so the potential for picking up bugs was extremely high! ( side note, can we please have someone walking around theme parks spraying hands with sanitizer? like on the cruise ships. “washy washy?”). I picked her up from her dads and she immediately vomits in my car.EEKKKK No worries this Natural Mama knew exactly what to do. Nope i didn’t run home for the Pepto. Instead I ran to the back yard for oregano! yes you read that right. Oregano tea has been used for many things including upset stomach. I mix mine with garlic.Enjoy!

3 Fresh oregano leaves or 4 tsp of dried oregano

1-2 garlic cloves

10 oz water

In small saucepan add water, oregano, and garlic cloves. Boil for 5 minutes. Allow to cool and enjoy. I add a dash of salt to make it easier to drink.


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