Newton’s Law: My External Force

IMG_2412I am often asked how do heck do I find the motivation to wake up and workout. I will go ahead and admit that its my village. I surround myself with people who enjoy working out, whether its running, jogging,  Crossfit, weights, Piyo, Insanity and anything that involves movement. They challenge me and help me grow.  Newton’s law states that an object at rest will remain at rest unless acted upon by an outside force. Be that force for someone!  Grab a friend and take them for a run with you. Print out a guest pass and take them with you to the gym. How about a fitness party? Turn your Girls Night In into a sweat fest with a little Zumba party. I remember when I was that friend that invited everyone out to the club. I am a better friend now because I am giving those I love a kick in the butt. I am their external force.IMG_6928

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