Inspiration is Everywhere

IMG_3846  I say it because I truly believe it. It truly is everywhere. Just open your eyes ( and in my case my ears) and soak it in! I was having a pretty horrendous week ( total understatement) when a total stranger unknowingly changed my whole outlook. I was sitting in the library doing some research when a group of boys rolled in with their skateboards. I was immediately annoyed, Uuughhh!! The sign clearly stated no skateboards on property. Of course they picked my table to sit at, Could my day get any worse!!! of course it could. They started to loudly discuss things that were of no concern to me. The hot “chick” they won’t see until the end of summer, which park to go skate, should they run upstairs and scream and run out (appalling). The quiet one suddenly chimed in “You know what would be cool, To learn to use video editing software.We could record our skating and pranks (I scowled at the prank part) and then put in on my Youtube channel. I have a YouTube channel but I don’t have a camera”, He sighed deeply. The others were completely dismissive of his idea. It was brilliant! He was only about 11 or 12 years old. The passion with which he spoke about his idea was truly infectious. There I was sitting in front of my Macbook sulking about my crummy day and I had everything he wanted. A killer camera and the software required to do what he wanted. Before I could say hi and tell him the name of some apps he could use to practice he was gone with his friends. I heard screaming upstairs and saw them all run out shortly after. That young man unknowingly brightened my day, revived my smile and  inspired me to suck it up! Life is too great to be frowning over things you have no control over. I can’t control a lot of thing but I can definitely control how I react to them!


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