Fit_Mommy Tips

I have always been a juggler (I haven often wondered if I was a meant to work in a circus). I tend to end up in situations where I have multiple aspects of my life to try to fit it all on my calendar. I have learned that not everything has to be a priority. The only things that land on my calendar are those that are most important to me.Priorities, Priorities, Priorities! As a mom of two girls fitting fitness in has always been a challenge but It Is not impossible! Here are my Fit_Mommy Tips!


  1. Be selfish! Yes I said it and stand behind it. Making YOU a priority is not something to be embarrassed about, It is a must!! We tend to always put everyone before us and that is great, we are moms and can’t help it. I promise that making time for yourself will make you a better person, will improve your relationship with your kids (exercise relieves stress, happy moms are less irritable).
  2. Work around your kids. If it means waking up 30 minutes earlier do it. Work out while the kids take a nap or are at school. Do you prefer working out at night? Once the kids are in bed Put in your favorite DVD workout and get to work!
  3. Make it part of your routine. If you have to go out of your way to work out chances are you will not do it.. I have found that putting my workouts into my calendar helped me actually do them. Set alarms on your phone. Once it becomes a habit you will no longer need a reminder.
  4. Try new workouts! Don’t get into a monotonous workout routine. If its boring you probably wont do it ( I know I wouldn’t). Mix it up a little. Take a Zumba class, spinning, Insanity, Piyo, Cardio Kickboxing, Try some HIIT, Go for a run, Lift weights. Tons of options out there.
  5. Let them join! Ever notice how ridiculous we look jumping around when we workout? Well kids find that wildly entertaining. Let them watch. Need some added weight for your workout? Pick up that baby for some killer squats! Here are a few of my favorites. and


 Don’t Let being a mom keep you from attaining your fitness goals! Be selfish, work around your kids, Incorporate it into your current schedule, try new ways to sweat and let your kids join you. Lead by example. If you teach them early they are more likely to make smarter choices when they grow up.

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