She Poos, You poo, I Pre-Poo?

IMG_2327 So this week I have learned that after 30 years of having hair on my head I know nothing about how to care for it.I haven’t relaxed my hair for a month now and dealing with natural hair and relaxed hair during this transition is proving to be a nightmare!!! ( as GIGI T would say EEEKKKKKKKKK) I expressed my concerns to a friend and she asked “DO YOU POO?”…….. How does a girl answer that? Of course I poo, and pretty regularly now that I am of the pain meds. Upon further clarification she was referring to Pre-poo, The process of using oils and food items to moisturize and strength your hair.


We all know of my obsession with oils, potions and all things natural,so naturally (pun totally intended) I pulled out the coconut oil! It doesn’t stop with coconut oil, the list of pre-pops include olive oil, mhoney, avocados, yogurt, and even avocados! There of course are many products you can use for your pre-pops If you aren’t the do it yourself type.I cannot wait to start mixing away!

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