ExtraCELLular Activity

I have officially gone 7 days, a full week people!!, without my cell phone and I am proud to say I haven’t died, the sky has not fallen and the world is not coming to an end (well that part is debatable).  I would talk interact with others while texting or checking my Instagram because that is multitasking right? Wrong!!!  I was just being rude.The first few days I went through full a blown detox. I was shaky, I would wake up in cold sweats looking for the phone that normally lay beside me ( I am single don’t judge!). The anxiety was unnerving ( pun totally intended). I felt this deep loss as if my connection to the world had been severed. More than once I ran back in the house to grab my forgotten phone only to remember it was gone.  It took 4-5 for me to realize that this was definitely a blessing in disguise. I was addicted. I spent more time on social media than anyone should. My sleep pattern was not the greatest and my time management skills definitely suffered.  These past few days I have felt this intense freedom that I am not ready to give up.  I have been able to spend more time meditating and less time checking into places. I have spent more time doing hog and less time posting yoga pictures. I have spent more time writing and partaking in activities that I enjoy and less time posting about them. I dare you to go one day without your cell phone.


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