Are you sure you are Latina?

IMG_4450  Oh that dreadful little question I’ve been hearing since i was in middle school. What exactly does it mean to be Latina? Is it as simple as just being born into it? is it an attitude? Do have I have to cook rice and beans every day? or is it the traditionally voluptuous physique that we see on TV? It was definitely not easy as a child figuring out how to mesh being hispanic and growing up in the US. I wasn’t born here but have lived here since age 5 so I identified more with being American for the majority of my childhood.I remember when I first embraced my inner Latina……… I was 22 and walked into my first latin club ( ok fine my first nightclub ever)…. yes MIRAGE. The music was intoxicating. It felt right. My hips automatically swayed to the beat and I felt at home.  With every dance I was transported to another world where it was just me and the music.  Whats a night out in tampa without food after right.  All paths led to the chimmi truck. Fried beef, Fried chicken, Fried pork, Fried plantains. yup that was the menu. As much as I love latin food I’ve been trying really hard to avoid fried food so I decided to revamp some of my favorite foods which are high in fat and sodium and turn them into delicious not so bad for you meals.

First up mangu con queso frito( plantains with frying cheese ) or mofongo con chicharrones( pork rinds).  I boiled the plantains instead of frying them. Mashed them with coconut oil cut up cheese and stuffed them into my plantain balls. coated them in coconut/garlic oil and baked for 15 minutes. amazing!!!! couple of slices of avocado and Baammmm dinners ready.  The salad is just spinach with pomegranate drizzled with my homemade raspberry vinaigrette. Does anyone have any traditionally untraditional recipes to share?

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