Accountability….. I’ll take large fries with that!

Last week in class we focused on obesity ( my favorite subject right) We all posted our views and responded to our classmates posts. I was shocked and appalled at the ease with which everyone blamed fast food, the government and everyone from Timbuktu to the moon. I am well aware of the consequences of eating fast food all the time. I also completely understand how advertising and income affect food choices ( hey single working mom who’s in school over here!) I definitely know what a tight budget is. But ultimately should we not hold ourselves accountable for what we ingest? For what we feed our children? I decide to eat the pizza, the fries and the wings, No one forced me. So why should I blame the restaurant that serves them when I chose to clog my arteries?


One comment

  1. Agreed! I know I’m fat because I like pizza and wine, not because McDonald’s offers super sizing! Too much blame and not enough self actualization.

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